Saturday, 31 October 2015

Stand And Deliver.

Ishildr has grown to have a touch of The Catwoman about her, That is to say she is playing a dangerous game of robbing the rich to give to the er...well, to keep for herself. This is exactly the nasty sort of personal habit immortals are inclined to develop as they face the unending decades which turn into centuries without full stops; just doing daft things to pass the time. Like The doctor spending all his time protecting humanity when he really should find something useful to do..actually that is a wonderful thing to do. More Power To His Elbow!Was this episode the second part of a two part story or was it the second of two tales in the very long life of a girl who died and then lived again. We learnt it was not even just the second time The Doctor saw Ishildr as he claimed to have watched with pride as she opened a leper colony. Although the casuality with which he mentioned it she could have won an egg and spoon race. Poor Ishildr struggling with coming to terms with outliving every one she loves and the only person who could perhaps guide is hiding behind a bush smiling at her efforts to better the lot of her fellow man.
              I thought this was a bit cruel and a very alien thing to do on behalf of The Doctor. Which of course he is, alien that is. If Clara suffered an ingrown toe-nail he would bend the laws of space and time to suture her. Did The Doctor learn nothing by his treatment of Jack Harkness?
              Was that not a sensitive turn by Rufus Hound(What a great name.)Never more so than when he played for time to escape the rope for just a few moments more. Funny and even tragic by turns. Ishildr made for a very dandy highwayman and easily made the transition into a buxsome lady of the manor. The Coucteaux-like alien made a nice lady bird books fairy tale villan. An alien that looks like a lion and is called Leandro. If he had looked like an elephant would he have been called Elephanto? Or if he looked like a badger would he have been called Badgerdo? Ah with these historicals they are spoiling us.
                Beautiful looking episode. All forest and Olde Worlde Englande. Happy days.
                Wonder if that was really Clara who entered The Tardis at the end of the episode? With Zygons about you can never be really sure. After all Amy Pond once burst like a pod of milk and Clara looked pale to me..almost milky...