Thursday, 15 October 2015

Roll Over Beethoven.

Who wrote Beethoven,s Ninth? Well, I will tell you who it was'nt. It was not some "dude" who travelled back through time. Honestly,Bootstrap paradox aside, unquiet alien giants using the souls of the dead as buoy markers aside, anachronistic self fulfilling narratives aside, I am still reeling from the shocking idea that the Doctor would encourage anyone to use the word "dude" he did four weeks ago. Terrifying stuff. Scarier than the skies of Galifrey being filled with a billion billion Daleks..Well, maybe not quite as scary but it was certainly disturbing. Mind you I did believe when the Doctor hilariously and quite innocently misused the word "cool" I did fear the word "dude" might no be too far behind.
          Even ten years into New Who it still remains something of a surprise to see the Tardis used for the purpose of exploring the possibilities the ability to travel in such a strangely wondrous way throws to different writers. In the hands of someone like Toby Whitehouse it becomes a mind bending adventure involving loss and the fore knowledge of impending loss that constrains its protagonists rather than freeing them up. A Tivolian concept if ever I heard one( And how great was Paul Kaye as Prentis the Tivolian Undertaker.)
           I am at present settling down with a cup of tea to await a meeting and conversation with a future self who is on his way down my own time-line to explain the resolution of Before The Flood.
           Fortunately I believe it is possible to enjoy things without entirely understanding them.
           It is a defense mechanism brought on by growing up in Northern Ireland.
           Oh I do like the artwork on the cover of this weeks Radiotimes . It reminds me of old naive tourist poster artwork "Visit The Fjords Of Norway" or "Try Our Swiss Log!" or even the kind of stirring art usually found on a box of porridge oats depicting some giant muscly Scotsman hurling his caber. How brave and determined our heroes look.
            I only wish The Doctor was holding his sonic screwdriver instead of a sword.Although The Doctor was a sly dab hand with a sword back in the day. Remember him leaping all about Count Grendal's castle during his time on Tara? They all thought he was a buffoon who would chop off his own toe but he surprised them all. Our hero is never more dangerous than when all about him underestimate him, Ah The Androids Of Tara. The Quest For The Key To Time. Romana!
              The noblest of them all.