Saturday, 31 October 2015

Feast Of Samhain.

It is the very cusp of Samhain and darkness beckons. The long cold nights are upon us and we need something to mark its arrival. Me, I like to make an effort to mark the occasion with a few good books with a Halloween or at least Edge Of November feel. Even if I have read the books in question before.This year I picked up;
From Hell by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell should be read once a year every year starting at the beginning of October and devoured by gas light. Or a reading lamp. It is a remarkable piece of work by two men on the very top of their game. Thought provoking, savagely scary and a terrifying glimpse into a personality from the pit. A Twenty Four Hundred and Ninety-nine Penny Dreadful..
Never read anything by Rob Zombie but I liked his Halloween movies. Especially the feast of The Pumpkin King dream sequence( although it may not have been called that.). A real Mad Hatter's Tea Party.The mother of Mysteries on a huge white horse is the stuff of nightmares and the horrible violence in his movies remain just that;Horrible. The Harry Potter books may have neutered witches to a degree, as the Twilight books seem to have done to vampires, but this book will serve to remind new readers why they used to be feared. In Rob Zombies hands the lines between bad behaviour and just pure evil become so blurred there is no difference.
The first James Herbert I have read since whenever and a reminder of why I liked his stuff when I was growing up. British horror pulp that draws you on and on into a place where all the monsters hate you.
 This final book choice was this one I only tracked down after a recommendation by the terribly well read Joe Gordon of Forbidden Planet International's blog.(Check out his wonderful Woolamaloo Gazette. You will find a place to go you will never tire off.) A truly awful human being travels through time slaying those who shine for him. It is dark but quite brilliant humane writing. By which I mean Lauren Burke really nails the monstrous quality that some of us possess. Despite the title it is not a light read.
Or perhaps you are feeling particularly louche and wish to be read to rather to do it one-self . You have got to hear this performance by the very heaven mister Tom Baker on You Tube. His warm brown autumnal tones lure you to a world of scary bliss. I have suggested before it is worth seeking out and I will add  a super hurrah to that suggestion.
                                        Best of the Season to anyone, if anyone is, reading this.
                                                               You especially.
                                                            You are my favorite.