Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Big Bang Generation.

          Boom!What a title. There is a big bang in it but probably not the one you are thinking off. Nor is it referencing the USA born television series with a similar name which constantly references our favourite BBC born television series.
           It is a novel quite full of surprises as it even features a different companion to Clara Oswald. Although again not the one I was really expecting(There is even an explanation for this in the afterword). Having now finished this third book in The Glamour Chronicles I suspect it was even for the better as those fantastically confounded expectations gave way to fantastically satisfied ones in their place. Certainly one of my favourite figures from The Doctor's past and one we do not see enough off. I do not want to say who as I was delighted to meet them yet again and was not surprised by the ease with which they find their place in the present canon. I hope the current team responsible for the televisual version of the man from Galifrey take note. This is a true friend of the Doctor and has moved through many different mediums and even incarnations. Perhaps some onscreen time is due. Although that characters very presence in this novel may answer that suggestion.
             A great read. Quite epic in scope and containing at least one beautifully written paragraph that stands amongst the best writing in a Doctor Who novel I have read.
             These three books feel like a self contained mini season.
             They are already sitting very comfortably next to last years season eight box set in my own collection. They would grace anyones book collection.