Saturday, 10 October 2015

Grave Undertakings.

                An underwater base situated near a drowned village is stalked by the troubled ghosts of lost crew members and led by a spooky grave digger from the depths of space. A Tardis materialisation not driven by a story arc. A fast paced and gripping old school base under siege story. Last Saturdays Doctor Who episode Under The Lake was very heaven indeed.
               That looks like the ghost of an alien Undertaker and that has got to be an otherworldly space hearse of some kind. I got the feeling one had overturned on the way to a funeral and we were seeing the casket with the deceased waiting to be buried. Certainly had a funerary air about it as did the main ghost stomping around the corridors of the base. I was very surprised when I watched the credits roll and saw the actor who was under the Undertaker's hat the immensely talented Paul Kaye.Loved the whole atmosphere of this episode. The Poe-like atmosphere  of a sunken city and the spectral shapes that walked there.
               The sight of the final ghost appearing from the murky depths was easily the best cliff hanger I have seen in a whole week..