Saturday, 3 October 2015

Doctor Who;Deep Time.

A trilogy of doctor Who books have just hit the bookshelves in a store near you under the title of The Glamour Chronicles. In typical New Who Post Modern Timey-Blimey a trilogy that can be read in any particular order. So I believe to be the case but I may be wrong. I frequently am.
            Who writers seem to love their subject matter and always try to evoke the era of the particular characters they are using. In this case we are in the company of the Doctor and Clara. Some writers succeed more than others in recreating the tone of their era of choice but all generally reward in some way. This book by Trevor Baxendale is one of those that rewards more than many others. It certainly evokes the current era echoing the relationship between the Doctor and Clara Oswald just perfectly. It is not a two note tune however and the supporting characters come alive(and die quite violently and horribly in some cases) as they embark upon an epic journey on a lost Phearon trail. Before too long the companions find themselves lost in more than just space and find themselves passing through a series of very hostile enviroments, Each one imperilling and testing them to the very limit. To a degree that characters in these tie-ins are not normally subjected too and it is an all the more powerful read for this reason. in fact in reading this book I came to suspect that Tregvor Baxendale may have been exposed to The Planet Of The Daleks at a very early age and been traumatised by the actions of a nasty plant on that nasty jungle  planet Spiridon. For he seems to try dealing with that trauma by out-grossing what he witnessed in that episode a long time ago and far away in continuity, by having a very nasty plant do something even more horrible to an unfortunate star pilgrim. This is one plant I never wish to see pop up on Gardener's World. Although, come to think of it..
               I may well be projecting this into the text because like a lot of Doctor Who followers I think about the past to an unhealthy degree but whether or not this is the case Deep Time is a great read that certainly feels strong as a stand alone story. It might well prove to be a strong part of a greater whole which only reading the other two may reveal. On the strength of this one I look forward to that experience.
                And just for the sake of it heres an image from back in the day. Back in the days of VHS tapes when the impossible became possible and you were actually able to own whole stories of your absolute favorite television show to watch in your own homes.
                 Yes, I know, VHS tapes. recordings on tape? Unthinkable in this era of Holo-pills.
                  Just pop your favorite shows in your mouth and watch them in your head.
                  After all We are all citizens of the future now.