Saturday, 3 October 2015

Davros' Eyes.

"Do not Trust Him, Doctor!", it was nearly impossible not to scream it at the television as Davros wept and slowly creaked open his deathly dark eyes. Eyes he never used presumably because he chose not to. That Julian Bleach; he really nailed it." Huh..maybe he means it" was gut wrenching, as believable as a horribly scarred genocidal genius half Kaled half Dalek scientist can be. What a two hander the scenes between The Doctor and Davros became. That dank hospital/infirmary on Skaro felt like a stage in the Globe as these two talented men circled each other with dialogue that set the scene on fire. The echo of that scene filmed so long ago in Genesis Of The Daleks when The Doctor put to Davros the very same choice he had only recently been forced to face. To which Davros responded "To know that life and death on an enormous scale was within my choice...that the pressure of my thumb breaking the glass of a capsule would end everything...such power would set me among the Gods...yes,I would do it!And through the Daleks I shall have such power!"
           Skaro and the interiors of the Dalek city were very wonderfully realised.
           With Skaro back in the heavens how long will it be before Gallifrey returns?