Thursday, 11 April 2013


This is the full artwork for the image glimpsed in my Blog title caption. Just something with one foot in the real world. Its based on a urbanely challenged North Belfast Man dressed in a loose ensemble of leisure/sports casual wear's reaction to anything his brain cannot process or take in. He files it under State. As in WILL YOU LOOK AT THE STATE OF YOU. Or WHY ARE YOU IN THIS WORLD WITH ME? Its a pretty broad blanket that covers a whole host of non-spide related actualites. For a clearer understanding of the use of the term spide you could look it up in the excellent book THE SPIDES MANIFESTO. A scholarly work that sits very comfortably next to Darwins Origin Of Species or Adams Hitch-hikers Guide To The Galaxy in terms of scope and educational ambition. I have been the object of this spidean definition on more than one occasion and indeed a friend pointed out to me that it is no accident the target of the scorn of the urbanely challenged North Belfast Man dressed in a loose ensemble of leisure/sports casual wear in the drawing is a rabbit. As my surname is acually the irish word for rabbit. BOOM! He Frueded me like a bitch!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Charm of Powerful Trouble.

Holy Smoke if only this dummy movie poster were the real thing. Good Heavens there would be lines around the block( At least in my head. Lines around my blockhead, so to speak.) It was put together as a laugh and as a very welcome gift by my chum Connor. A very talented artist who weilds a laptop like Divinci did an oily palete. Off course I would make the most unlikely action hero in cinema history. The very idea of me using a pistol of any kind is ridiculous (look closely its a pink water-pistol). A Sex Pistol possibly. A handheld projectile weapon never. I affected an air of worldly cynicism when this image was unveiled as a new screen saver and everyone laughed as my two not very secret passions were buffoned. I did not half get excited though when I saw it. To have an epic adventure involving my beloved Doctor and the hottest man in the world Ryan kwanten.( Great Ceasers Ghost what if all his bits were in 3D! I for one would be in the front row wearing my special glasses and popping corn.). It would be too much to hope that life will imitate art and make it a reality but in the shadowy theatre of my mind it is already happening.Its the nail-biting finale of this movie that gets me, the sight of a blazing pirate galleon tottering on the very tip of the great pyramid of Cheops in Egypt as Ryan Kwanten holds off an army of swarthy terro-pirates weaing only his tighty whities as Matt Smith/Doctor diffuses a reality bomb...
              Reality Bombs..Are there any other kind?