Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Joan Hickson's Ms Marple.

While looking for a cover shot for Open Casket online I came across this lovely art-deco rendering of Joan Hickson as Ms Jane Marple.Just loved this piece of art and did so want others to see and appreciate it. Joan Hickson was probably my favorite onscreen interpretation of the character. Her hawk like vision, the tiny movements of her head as she listened or observed all that went on about her. Not so much a wise old owl as a bird of prey perched to swoop.She brought an edge to the character that most likely is not to be found anywhere in Agatha Christie's writing. She always looked to me as though she truly understood the complexities and contradictions of human nature. observing with a scientific precision, not always judging but certainly understanding.
              Whatever, just wished to share a vision that perhaps might come in under everyone's radar.
              The kind of thing she was attuned to.