Sunday, 6 December 2015

Time And A Giggle.

Oh Boy what a joy! The Belfast writer/director Aiden Largey has a new film in post-production called Time And Again. It is the story of a child genius who with the help of his best friend builds a time machine which he hopes to use to escape his distant father and create a bridge between himself and the mother he never knew. It is an amazing looking production with an equally amazing cast of fine talent that includes David Rawle, Ian Beattie and Shaun Blaney. When you have a cast like that and a script to stretch them you end up waving a bottle below the heavens to catch lightning which I know Aiden can do. Science can be fun, science fiction can be funnier.
 And just look what the main character is reading! Good Craic Comics. Well what else would a Belfast born child genius be reading? The story and script sound so poignant yet I know it will also be quite funny. Well thats life is'nt it. A drama with a load of comedy and tragedy in it. A traromcom...
                                                     ..or something.

Aiden is such a good story teller and natural enthusiast for all things human. That is to say he understands the complexity and frailty of the human condition without losing sight of it mostly being shits and giggles, baby.It looks so beautifully shot too. Northern Irish cinema has mostly shied away from things of a fantastical nature seemingly preferring to wallow in the struggle between the orange and the green. Yet where are the Catholic vampires and protestant werewolves? Or the flying black taxis and radioactive soda farls?
                                                             Time And Again; a film
                                                                  set in the possible