Thursday, 10 December 2015

Saucy Jack!

It is a long and winding route from the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean to the choppy dark waters off the coast of Northern Ireland but just look who the wind blew in. The Black Pearl docked in Belfast Harbour( Right next to The Flying Dutchman and just across from the ghostly wreck of The Titanic.) and who should I see dandering down Ann street in a most mercurial fashion leaving a trail of rum ,broken hearts and empty pockets as he staggered along  but saucy Jack himself. At pistol point I asked if he would care to take a look at Noe The Savage boy our own tale of the high seas and the high stakes that come with piracy and its dubious rewards.. He bemoaned the fact of his poor schooling and only suggested I read it to him whilst he gargled a bottle of Captain Morgans ( Whom Jack assured me is a perfidious rascal and ner do well). He kicked back on our staircase and said how much he was looking forward to fun times in Belfast.
              "Aye you will love it here. Belfast is full of craic", I informed him with the air of one who knew. At which point he high tailed it back through the city centre as fast as his legs would carry him. With me hopping after him shouting" Come back Jack! I said Craic not Kraken!"