Sunday, 27 December 2015

Feeling Low.

Nothing ever sounded quite like it to me. It is one of those things that might never occur to someone who listens to David Bowie's older stuff and just thinks of them as "old stuff." rather than remembering what it was like to wait for these albums to come out and to hear them for the first time.
My teenage brain was like a sponge ready to absorb new things, new sounds and experiences.  Low I loved. Heroes I liked a lot. Lodger I found hard work at the time but now serves to conjure memories of an awkward awareness that adulthood was going to elude me for a while. They are a remarkable trilogy of albums. Bowie's Berlin days or whatever.I used to play Low on my ma's old box stereogram. It had a muffled bass quality to it. The way I mostly hear the world now.
              Maybe that is why the Where Are You Now made me so emotional when I heard it. The much older Bowie's voice had a fragile quality to it that made me feel so melancholy.
               It was like hearing sounds again you never expected to hear again in your life.
               New and yet familiar. Like so much of this great man's work.