Sunday, 27 December 2015

Bah Humbug.

Tom bakers Christmas spirited performance of Dickens's classic is just the perfect listen for this time of year when we find ourselves half way out of the dark. Tom bakers wonderful voice and his love of words and his sheer joy in their performing comes across like the best present at the foot of the tree you could hope for.You get the impression that Mister Baker was having the time of his life in that recording booth at the Big Finish studios when he did this. I can imagine the recording crew of sound engineers and possibly even the catering staff and cleaners all mesmerised by his acting out the second most famous Christmas story of them all. Sensing they are not likely to see anything like it in real time again. There were probably a few unseen Dickensian visitors there as well. If not in the flesh then certainly in spirit. The spirits of the season.  Dicken's story improves with the decades and Tom Bakers voice is just a fine old wine you never want to run out off. Draw the blinds, uncork a favorite tipple and stoke the fire.
             With the screwball and bitter sweet Husbands Of River Song Doctor Who has drawn to an end for another year. Another Bloody Year! Time is out out of joint..Yet the moment has been prepared for, as they say. Just around the corner is another season of Forth Doctor Adventures which we can follow into the heart of 2016. Happy days ahead with some more inspired stuff on the way from Big Finish;The War Doctor,River Song and her Diary,more Doom Coalition and even the return of The Doctor and Donna.Along with the regular and ever exciting main range.
              Iit is an embarrassment of riches. a feast of Tardises..
              Thworp, thworp!