Sunday, 27 December 2015

Pub Meets Past.

Sketch Jam indeed, in our prime we were thickly cut Marmalade Jam! I was reminded of this Belfast pub meet in The Garrick by my chum Adrian L who gave me a copy of an old issue of ImagineFX magazine which did a regular feature on pockets of comic book enthusiasts through out the UK who would get together to discuss comics and bounce ideas off each other. It is cover dated august 2010, five years ago, and that handsome devil Stephen Downey has not aged a day since! He may well have a touch of Dorian Grey about him but I am more your Rip Van Winkle emerging from his cave. Comics have such a high profile in the shared cultural zeitgeist it is hard to imagine a wee group like this were thought of as the "comic people in the corner." In a nice way off course that old pub felt welcoming. Time moves so fast, things change so quickly.
                The group still meets.Seek them out. Thems good folks.
                It is nice sometimes to just slow things down, take it easy, nice and slow, rest and hear the daises grow...
                Wow, what a boring old fart am I.