Thursday, 1 October 2020

Hudson In Baltimore.

 I was saddened to hear that Hudson Flanagan, that Prince among Boxer dogs, has passed away. After a long and eventful life Hudson will be much missed by all who had the good fortune to know him. Hudson was a well read dog and he was very kind to comment positively about the two issues of Noe the Savage Boy which I wrote for Atomic Diner in Dublin. " Grunff, fworth" was , I believe, how he put it. High praise indeed. This is a picture of Hudson in Baltimore, Cork where Noe's story began, when him and his family, along with all their fellow residents, were abducted and sold into slavery by Barbary Pirates. Hudson was more than a fireside reader and liked to extend his reading into his life, so he decided to make the long journey from Coalisland to Cork to get a sense of the terrain. He is pictured with his pal Connor, the comic book artist, who he convinced to make the trip to the bottom end of Ireland in search of adventure. Like all artists, he does not get out enough, was, I believe, Hudson's thinking.

             Hudson may have believed in living in the moment but he was very much a dog for all times.

             RIP friend. Finest Kind.