Saturday, 13 May 2017

Rude Boy, Do No Harm.

                                                            (From the sketch book.)
Had a vivid memory of dancing in a Ska stylee with some old mates in The Shamrock Social to Night Boat To Cairo by Madness. A dark sweaty smoke filled dance floor dancing in a circle while the rest of the club mocked but secretly wished they could join in. I know long have the knees for nutty dancing but I still get that excited knot in my stomach when I hear Lee Thompson's opening blasts on the saxaphone, Mister Baggy Trousers himself. The skin in braces in my drawing was a guy from back in the day.I was eyeballing him in the anarchy centre. We came from different worlds. He was all feral skinhead sexiness and I was a punky Boy George.A right fop. I smiled. He smiled. We had a moment. Then his mate punched me and they stole my bottle of cider.
              I forgive him. Well, I never forgot him.