Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Giger Island.

This is one of my favorite paintings by H R Giger. an island floating on a sea of dark dreams, presenting a harbor that looks far from safe. I am not sure what it is. what strange latitudes it represents.Some one said to me recently that they found the recent Alien movie unsatisfying as it posed more questions than answers."Go and look at any painting by Giger and tell me how many answers you find in it.."
            There is a quality in the original alien movie which is so difficult to replicate. An atmosphere which seems so elusive even the vast resources of modern movie making seems incapable of reproducing. The Nostromo is so very far from home. So far beyond help that when the worst happens and they are forced to flee. To run for their lives and even this proves so utterly futile in the face of the..well, Alien.
              Take a look into the dark between the two pillars. Is it a gateway? Is it the beginning of a dark cave or a tunnel leading to something awful? A hard path to traverse with only misery and pain at the other end?
                Why would we take that path?
                Because it is what we do. We stupid humans.