Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Hyperstation is Go.

Like some rediscovered lost story or posterity stored artifact artist  Mark Mc Keown's portfolio presents itself. It felt a buzz to unscrew the lid, gently reversing the polarity , to access a world of images and unspoken thoughts. He is a film maker as much as an artist of still images. One form are a series of ideas and thoughts which must exist without words. The other a form that combines sound and vision and movement. Some of it just sparkles, like light play between branches of tree and leaves that wave stirred by wind. Very Lovely Things, the sort of thing William Blake might have tried to capture on film. Knowing mark he would probably blush to hear me say so but a good artist is often not able to express why he does certain things or why they can see things other might not.
             It is often only others who expect them to do so.
             Like a great singer who can sing beautifully and perhaps reach notes others cannot. At best they are able to describe what they are singing and even why they are singing it but cannot say why that sound is so beautiful. It just touches something within us.