Sunday, 21 May 2017

Camberwick Green; Covenant.

                                                        (From My Sketch Book.)
That naughty Mandroid David has crash landed his stolen Engineer Juggernaut on a hill side overlooking the gentrified town of Camberwick Green. And already something unpleasant has happened to one of the villagers who lives there just after he investigated a very unusual egg type object he found close to Windy Miller's One cannot  help but believe that nothing in this sleepy little Hamlet will ever be the same.
             It is probably wrong of me to say this but David is such a trouble maker. every where he goes bad things seem to happen and his unrelenting hatred of mankind is really too much.His hellbent pathology really exceeds any rational programming. The hands that crafted this Mandroid have a lot to answer for given the operatic levels of mischief he is responsible for.