Saturday, 13 May 2017

Buffalo Soldier.

Read this small but perfectly formed novella while sitting in the piney garden. Desmond Coke, former agent of espionage from Jamaica, finds himself once more engaged in the long dirty game, protecting a very special child from the forces who would shape his destiny to suit theirs. It is a southern Gothic game of thrones, a Machiavellian cat and mouse through a smokey jasmine haze. Desmond Coke has seen and done a lot, somethings he regrets but cannot undo, yet he is driven to do the right thing by this boy., to see him grow free and have a life fulfilled, a life of potential.
              This leads to a chase across an America which only exists on the pages of this book, through undiscovered states and unread cities. Its a steam punk vision, another alternative history, yet the lyrical writing gives it an almost poetic quality. Just before the violence kicks off.