Thursday, 15 September 2016

Power Of The Daleks.

Thought it was just a rumour. One of those wee wishful thinking yarns started by Doctor Who fans trying to manipulate the fates and actually make something happen. Guess they did 'cause it is coming this November ( possibly the 23rd?). How clean and sharp the animation looks. I imagine this is going to top a few wish liswts with Santa this year. So depending on if you have been naughty or nice this could be waiting under the Christmas tree for you.
             I am familiar with the story thanks to the John Peel novelization and the audio recording ( A lovely gift from an old chum Jamie.) so this animated adaption of the story literally has a dream like quality to it.
             Brace yourselves chums. If this proves to be a good seller you can probably expect them to try it again. Imagine The Evil Of The Daleks or Fury From The Deep or The Highlanders Or The Abominable Snowmen..Oh Yes!
             They have already played out in the theater of my mind but my imagination is a bit of a crumbling ramshackle old theater.
              It is even haunted. I once said to a friend that I thought that Patrick Troughton was The Doctor I am most familiar with aurally.
              "For heavens sake do not say that out loud" he replied.