Thursday, 15 September 2016

Doctor/Donna Adventures.

Was so looking forward to this boxed set from Big Finish and boy it did not disapoint. Listened to one of the three adventures on three di8fferent nights, did not want to glut myself on this wee aural Whovian  treat (oh Yeah, try saying that out loud and not get a funny look.) Contemplated listening to one story on a different Saturday night over a three week period in an attempt to revive or recreate that old Saturday-nightness of the Doctor/Donna Era (One of my favourite Tardis teams.) but I put that idea out on the doorstep along with the empty milk bottles and the pet sabre tooth cat.
               Time Reaver.
               Death And The Queen.
               Three great character driven stories that remind me why that special year of Who feels now like a Golden Era. Actually got goosebumps the first time that much missed version of the theme tune kicked in (c'mon current Who custodians kick that version of the theme tune up the back side. It is good but it should be great. Great enough to match the stunning time pieces opening credits.)
                Donna was never just a companion, she was more than an assistant, she was a full on chum. And it never felt awkward or forced. Just two wonderful beings enjoying each others company.
                Two friends completing each other.
                Oh more please.
                And maybe next time they could include Bernard Cribbins. I miss Wilf.