Thursday, 15 September 2016

First Favourites.

In my first year at Holy Cross Boys School the first two books I read at school were the Ladybird the Musicians Of Bremen and High On A Hill. The first blew my mind (Hey, Do not judge, I was not a very worldly child and the thought of a gang of talking animals banding together to trick some robbers out of their forest head quarters was right up there with the best of The Arabian Nights.) I actually remember racing home to retell the tale to my ma after reading it. I loved the page where the animals form a screeching totem pole of terror to shock the gang into fleeing their hut.
            Mind you, I remember thinking "Who will do the dishes?" after peering at the animals enjoying their stolen feast on the cover of the book. The rooster and the donkey are just not equipped to handle dishes and cutlery.It would most likely be down to the dog and cat to look after the kitchen duties and such. I was worried that the animals friendship might crumble under the weight of domestic irresponsibility.
               High On A Hill is a story told over the course of a year in which a fifties type Americana family unit move to a new town and the seasons change. I think this book raised my young life expectations to an unrealistic level. I thought my life was going to be all white picket fences and circuses. Just as the Northern Irish Troubles kicked off. The curse of being born into interesting times.
                I have loved books so much since. Always engaging and always life enriching. I can only thank whoever first pushed me towards reading and enjoying books.
                I cannot imagine a life without them.