Thursday, 15 September 2016

In The Blood.

Read the doctor Who book In The Blood which reunites the Tardis team of the Doctor and Donna in a tale that feels so much like that wonderful period( Although possessed of a Casino Royale/Bond budjet.) The writer Jenny T. Colgan really brings that favourite Tardis team back to life. It is the Doctor and Donna and yet it also feels embedded with the great chemistry of Tennant and Tate. that is a visual and aural thing that she manages to bring back with what I suspect is deceptive ease.
             Hard to believe this is an era of Who which is now past as it still feels so fresh. It is pehaps that Jenny T. colgan has married the characters to a theme and an issue which pollutes the shared cultural zeitgeist at this very moment. In the very real minutes of this desperate hour. I am probably exaggerating the nature of the real world threat the novel exposes. you read the first few chapters and you say to yourself "wait a moment this is actually happening, right there in front of me.".
              Saw Jenny T Colgan on a chat show. She seems a lovely person, Very personable with an interesting tattoo ( A tattoo should be interesting. There should never an exist a tattoo which is moribund. ) I read her other Doctor Who novel Dark Horizons a while back. It had Vikings in it and fiery alien demons. Good stuff. An Eleventh Doctor story that had him travelling on his own. Post Ponds Pre Clara. It is still amazing to me how the tone of a show can change when the leads are so different. I never get used to it and I suspect it might be one of the truly magical things about this old show. Jenny T Colgan really brought back to me that feeling of trying to get home from work on a Saturday night to settle down in time for another episode of my favourite television show. I completely forget at times what an enormous fan base it has. Reading a book that captures the essential tone of a show is a remarkable skill and as reading is such a solitary experience it lends itself to this magical alchemical response.