Sunday, 7 August 2016

Guardian Angel.

When I was a wee Catholic schoolboy I used to say a prayer everyday asking my Guardian Angel to watch over me and keep me on a safe path. What can I say, we were taught this as children. I had no reason to believe it was not true and every reason to believe it was true. After all grown ups told it was so. Anyway, this is what I thought my Guardian Angel looked like.
            Well I am all growed up myself now and this is what I choose to believe my Acutal Guardian Angel looks like;

Oh yeah.Holy Smoke its Ryan Kwanten!For such a long time I have been telling anyone who will listen that he is a heavenly creature and now I have a picture to prove it. Is he not magnificent? I would not be surprised if he had fluttered down from the roof of the Sistine Chapel.
              You know I had this thing of beauty printed on a tee-shirt and my mates laughed at me.
              What do they know. If I introduced Michelangelo to them they would ask him to paint his window frames.
               "..Through out this day
                   Be at my side,
                   To light,to guard,
                   To rule and guide."
                Old Ms. Caugher at Holy Cross Boys school taught me that prayer on my first day at school
And absolutely terrified me with the notion of an all seeing omni present God. Just what an insecure easily frightened child needs to hear. Just the thought of some constantly judging heavenly stasi eaves dropping on my every action and even my private thoughts. I still blush at the thought. She was an old love though. I was so fond of her. When the time came to leave her class to move up an age she bought me a pencil case. The first I ever owned. As the son of a grave digger she knew my family did not have a pot to piss in. A proper teacher she was.
                As a rational human being I find it difficult to believe in any man made religion( or a Godly crafted one for that matter.) religion. I find myself making stuff up to fill the faith shaped gap in my life. As a consequence I find myself in the opposite position to most people of faith who I know and call friends in that they welcome the idea of some one sharing their religious beliefs whereas I would doubt the sanity of anyone who believes the same things I do.
               Anyway, back to the ethereal man in tighty whities.
               He may never interfere in the rough and tumble of daily life bit I know my Guardian Angel has my back. Or at the very least is crouching behind it.
               Perfectly formed and up to no good.