Saturday, 13 August 2016

Catholic Daleks.

Was very taken by this cover for one of the Big Finish audios Order Of The Daleks by Mike Tucker. Especially the beautiful design for the stain glass Dalek. Just as every planet has a north perhaps every planet has a Vatican. I believe this glorious and chilling object is the work of a concept design by artist/writer Chris Thompson.
               Way back in the previous century during the decade we who survived it called The Eighties I can remember(From original transmission!) Revelation Of The Daleks. A great story that showed a transparent Dalek which displayed its interior Kaled/Mutant/human/Hybrid/victim in terrible agony.
                The Daleks are a bad lot and this was a horrible example of them at their must cruel and unusual and truly grotesque. Yet in the right hands the Daleks were always capable of being fantastically innovative.
                 In the worst possible ways.