Thursday, 18 August 2016

A Nice Cup Of Tea.

Look what I found at Atomic Collectables. A wee gem from the tail end of the seventies when men were men and so were monkeys. It probably seems bizarre to modern minds that dressing our evolutionary cousins up as cliched characters from the British class system should have produced such a hugely popular and funny series of advertisements for a beloved brand of tea. Like the saucy sea-side postcard it is a type of humour which has fallen from grace and taste. Indeed the very cliched British working class characters the monkeys riff on no longer exist.A ting of the past. Like Spangles or Curly Wurleys.
               I wonder what these monkeys did next. Were they even aware of their fame?
               Did it change their lives to the degree that Cheeta's was changed by his appearance in the Tarzan movies with Johnny Weismuller? I know the American film industry had very different levels of fame to that of the British advertising industry but the down side of fame can be blisteringly painful and unforgiving.
                As the Chinese military strategist once said "Monkey Business Is War."