Saturday, 13 August 2016

Baker's End.

My heart skipped a beat when I read the title but it turned out to be something else entirely. An audio adventure featuring my favourite actor playing the character he was intended to play (himself)next to the one he was born to play (The Doctor.). I have not explained that as clearly as I intended. It is Tom Baker playing Tom Baker in a trio of scripts by the immensely talented Paul Magrs and also starring the wonderful Katy Manning. Oh bloody hell this has best Christmas present ever written all over it.
          It is coming in September from Bafflegab productions and details can be found at their website.
If you have managed to find as obscure and unread a blog as mine finding their home should be no problem. It also features Susan Jameson and David Benson who have served honourably on past productions from The Nest Cottage Chronicles to Iris Wildthyme.
           I had been over to their home earlier and saw a few other bits and pieces I have got to try. There was even a lovely looking Peter Cushing memoir reading which is sadly no longer available from them.How sweet would that have been.I visited Hastings once and got to take a seat on Cushing's view and got to see his lovely hometown as he would have.
            Its a lovely word when used with good intent.
            Oh flip me, look at Katy Manning and Tom Baker together.
            How can you not smile.