Thursday, 18 August 2016


I recently completed a bit of work with the Animator, artist and film maker Mark Mc Keown. A comic strip about an invasion. Well, sort of about an invasion. We are not talking Invasion Of The Body Snatchers here or even Mars Attacks. I think the most successful invasions, i.e. the most disastrous for a population , are the ones that you do not even notice having happened. The quiet and totally insidious assimilation by an idea or a philosophy or in this case a piece of tech wedded to social media that passes by unnoticed, one that the supplants the system in which it was sired. One that succeeds not only in making a population strangers to their fellow travellers but ultimately to themselves.
            It is also a true story by the way. It did happen. And it is still happening.
            What are you reading this on?