Sunday, 17 January 2016

The Now And Forever.

There is a beautiful song (among a few other beautiful songs) on The Kate Bush album Never for Ever. A song called Blow Away. A song about music and the people who make it and just what does happen when that person is gone. If you are reading this and feeling a bit sad or down you might want to seek it out and listen to it. I am thinking about Bowie here and indeed a couple of his friends are name checked in this song from 1980. That is 36 years ago.It is Marc Bolan and Keith Moon who are remembered in the words of this amazing songstress. I am sure that Bowie himself must have been shattered by the death of his good friend Marc Bolan and in the now many years since his passing wondered when they might meet again.
                 Perhaps in another time in another place.
                 Somewhere else.
                 And where ever that is you can be sure it will not be boring.