Saturday, 9 January 2016

The Caged Bird Sings.

                                              When the Canary calls you just gotta answer..
I had a" team up "recently with The Black Canary. Those associated with the costumed vigilante fraternity do that occasionally. It is texting with a mask( Cripes, is there any other kind?) We had met previously in Det Sen Monastery high in a mountainous region of Tibet. We were both there to master the arcane discipline of the Right footed Path of The Ladybird.( A mystical ability that teaches costumed hero types how when faced with overwhelming odds  to run away. Such wisdom comes at a cost.)
              Anyway she asked for some assistance regarding a n entire shipment of meaningful dialogue which had been hijacked on its way to the Northern Irish assembly and unless it was recovered all our senior politicians would be reduced to talking meaningless boobie-babble. The main suspect was a mutual Nemesis The Button Mushroom King of Anarchy and his Army Of Anarchic Fungi.
                Only time will tell if we were truly successful in our enterprise.
                (Black Canary; The Lovely Miss Joanne Alexander( Check out her Facebook Page
                  And special thanks to Ex Daily Planet Photographer Jason Murphy.)