Thursday, 30 October 2014


There is just something about a Who Radio Times is there not. For me it is probably some ghostly echo of the feeling ones young eyes got pouring over the Radio Times Doctor Who Tenth Anniversary Edition a different century ago. It makes one feel like a time-traveler even if it is on the slow path, one second at a time. In just ten weeks we have gone from there to here with just two weeks to go of a season of Doctor Who that feels very special indeed. Ach, they all do to be honest but this one feels so new and so different and yet built upon traditions loved and trusted. It is as though we have all been spat up by a dinosaur and we all came crashing to earth together in our blue box.
             Just two weeks to go and we will all be looking back going WHEN CAN WE DO THAT AGAIN?
              You never get to do things for the first time again. That is what makes it so special.
              You can try to do it better and Who is one show that even after half a century never stops trying.
               Not just a good Doctor.
               A Great Doctor.