Saturday, 25 October 2014

Pygmalion In Time And Space.

A second whole season of stories with simply one of the best Tardis teams ever. Last years season of Doctor and Romanna stories raised the bar pretty high and I could not help but wonder if it was an attainable height or at least one that could be equalled. Should not have worried, Big Finish have more than come through with these eight new adventures. With the wheezing and grinding grampus of Tardis engines the old adventures begin anew.
                This time around we get Sontarans in an introduction series opener that is huge in scale and excitment and very character driven. Especially with that Sonataran Everyman  Dan Starkey playing a very different Sontaran than the very popular Strax. Ironic when you consider they are a clone race. It is a story that introduces a strrong character arc for the developing character of Leela which they explore at greater depth than they did back in the day.Baker and jameson are on tip-top form and more than rise to the spirit of proceedings. The very next stop involves a trip to a place literally darker than most places The Doctor has travelled to. A place where, of all The Doctor's companions, Leela has the most chance of ensuring their survival. The Crooked Man of the next title is also the product of a dark place. A sea-side town during the winter. The story also acts as a sequel to a previous tale when the Doctor had a very different face. Yep, contain yourself, a Patrick Troughton story no less!( Now you have an excuse to dust off that old VHS or that DVD you have allowed to wait for your attention like an old friend you have not spoke too in a while. Like you would ever need an excuse.) The master returns in The Evil One, a story that may well have you scratching your head wondering just who the title of the piece refers to.
                  After that came a story that leapt to the top of my list of recent favourites ( a list that has no meaning really as they are in no particular order.) The Last Of The Colophon. Absolutely everything clicked for me during this one. To the point where I can remember watching it all those years ago one Saturday night in 1977. It is that good. The next story involves a new big bad for The Doctor Who Universe of Big Finish Productions. You get to hear The Doctor go bad in this one. Which off course we know could never The next story The Abandoned is a trip through the looking glass and into the memory of The Tardis. My brain almost popped out of my head when the Doctor used the expression"Curiouser and Curiouser". I had to replay it again and again. Since the script was written by Loise jameson herself ( Oh Yes-there is no end to this woman's talents) I have since convinced myself that she reads this blog (Surely someone does) and she is familiar with my blog (as opposed to having read Lewis Carroll at some point in her well read life obviously). If I owned a mobile phone I would make it my ring tone!
                     The final story of the season is a real treat and features the return of The Zygons. A monster who work so well on audio despite being also one of the better designed creatures. It is those whispery voices I suppose. Aliens should sound like this. The jungle planet setting is also one that allows leela to completely come into her own. Still, a stand-out in a season that gives Louis Jameson so much to do. Not only in terms of character progression but also in the fact she gets to write for an episode, co-scripting with Nigel Fair. Another damned talented fellow who can do a bit of everything. You can hear all the fun these various talents had during the making of the stories in the c/d extras. Sounds like Big Finish have one of the best green rooms in the UK.
                  No sooner is this season done than The Philip Hinchcliffe Boxed Set appears.
                  Keep this level of quality up and there will be no finish in sight...