Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Maggie Stables A Time Lady.

Was very saddened to hear that the actress Maggie Stables has passed away. Maggie played the character Evelyn Smythe the companion of Colin Baker's Sixth Doctor in a number of very entertaining stories from Big Finish Productions. From her introduction in The Marian Conspiracy to her very moving exit in A Death In The Family she excelled. A talented character actress whose easy warmth came through in her performances and whose down to earth attitude and natural intelligence made her the perfect foil for The Sixth Doctor's often vigorous excesses. In grounding the mercurial nature of Baker's interpretation she actually brought out the best in the man and their pairing was one of this company's triumphs. You could hear in the actor's voices how much they cared for each other. Indeed Evelyn's final words about the character of The Sixth Doctor in A Death In The Family are amongst the nicest things ever said about this era.
              Lovely writing delivered from the heart by a woman who probably meant what she said.
              Sympathy to all who were fortunate enough to know and love her.