Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Tom In Glenbogle.

What a fine figure Tom cuts in his kilt. The Laird Of The manor to be sure. Or Monarch Of The Glen to be more accurate. What a lovely wee show that was. Perfect Sunday night viewing. Sitting down to watch it was like opening a window and smelling the wind blow over the wild gorse and heather of a mountainous rugged glen. The BBC are brilliant at this sort of thing. Always were and hopefully always will be. I had to track this old Radio Times down when I saw the cover. Who needs a picture of a majestic stag when one can have a picture of a majestic Tom Baker instead.
            It was doubly desirable when I saw the feature on Hitchikers inside as well. Hitch hikers was only twenty five years old at that point. I remember at the time it seemed unimaginable for so much time to have passed since it first aired. By now , by then that is, it just felt so fresh still. Even though it felt like it had always been around, like Doctor Who or David Bowie or Ken Dodd and The Diddy Men.