Tuesday, 1 May 2018

The Devil And Sherlock Holmes.

Found a copy of this fascinating book while on a browse in Oxfam. What a find, its had me in its grip for the last couple of nights. It was the title, off course, that drew me to a purchase but its all the other bits and pieces between its covers that held my attention after finishing the story I bought it for. It is a collection of twelve articles , essays, written for different publications , such as The New Yorker magazine and The New Republic, by the American Journalist David Grann. Covering subjects as diverse as unsolved mysterious crimes and even the hunt for the elusive giant squid. Each entry in this collection is a perfectly formed snow globe of a self contained well crated essay., written with  detached but admirably humane skill. By turns insightful and informative with equal measure of compassion and understanding for subject matter and lives lived at the outre spectrum of the human condition. There is no finger pointing but an open palmed narration of events; which is to say full disclosure and no agenda other than pursuit of very human truths.