Tuesday, 27 June 2017

World Enough And Time.

Still have goose bumps following Saturday nights episode. Sat stunned and tingly and warded off the real world for as long as I could allowing it to permeate in my imagination, fermenting like a bottled dream. I never need reminders why I love Doctor Who so much. I never fell out of love with it but if I had then this story alone would have been the most bittersweet olive branch possible to imagine. Quite stunning and a wonderful parting gift from Peter Capaldi
             Michelle Gomez was on top of her wicked game. I can barely see anyone else when she is on screen. No bad thing when Missy is around. And Pearl Mackie was just special as the tragic Bill. Oh how could they do that? What a dark mind Stephen Moffat has.
             You have to ask yourself though; Why do you love something that breaks your heart with such regularity. I suppose in order to feel real affection for a thing you have to risk that most precious of emotions.
              But to begin a story with The Doctor kneeling alone in a snowy waste screaming..
              And to end that story with a tearful nightmarishly transformed Bill..
              Its enough to make a fellow build a wall around his heart..
              Or hearts.