Saturday, 10 June 2017


Well, how about that, this is the first story this season I restarted right after listening to it for the first time, clickety click, right back to the start again and that opening theme tune. Always gets me. The Doctor and Romana find themselves on board a World War  Two sub which despite appearances, is not swiftly and silenty moving beneath the waves but is(SPOILER!) in fact ..some where else entirely (NOT MUCH OF A SPOILER!). It all has a cosmic junkyard feel to it and junk yards have an interesting history in who. For instance; An Unearthly Child or Junkyard Demon.
            There are many disparate elements to this strange little tale of advanced evolution and a talking monkey, Hurrah! Oh yes, a talking monkey, whats not to like about that. The young guy who plays Franklyn, for that is the monkeys name, really goes for it and I guess his performance and the enthusiasm he endows it with seems to have positively impacted on the more seasoned performers he is surrounded by. It all holds together very well and boy does the story fly by. Mind you, I am such a sucker for a charming monkey that I am probably building up his part. Mind you, even The Doctor falls under his spell. The writer, Adrian Poynton, tells an epic tale with a small main cast, exploring themes such as scientific hubris and stone cold revenge. With characters who are by turns optimistic and brave and nihilistic and bitter. These are two very human traits which do not sit well together, diametrically opposed, they are the stuff of great stories.
              Thank Heavens The Doctor is around to save us from ourselves.