Saturday, 17 June 2017

Heralding The Torchwood Archive

The Torchwood Archive vol#1 hit the shelves this week and not only is it a treasure trove of great comic strips and text stories it also has a story with artwork by my Noe The Savage Boy collaborator Stephen Downey. I think he is in China at the moment. He does get about. Bringing his handsomeness to the world. This is a great volume brimming with ideas, by turns exciting and disturbing. Everything Torchwood should be in whatever incarnation those stories present themselves. The Big Finish cds, box sets and single plays, are just some of the best examples out there. and boy are some of those stories Really Out There.
              The most recent story I listened to Visiting Hours was one of the most raucous and outrageous and very very funny stories I have heard to date. Kai Owen and Nerys Hughes are just fantastic, like two badly behaved but very endearing children who find themselves in a desperately dangerous situation. Even the extras are a hoot. Loud and loony and a joy to listen to.
               Also out this week was the truly amazing 3RD Doctor collection Heralds Of Destruction. It is written by the immensely talented Paul Cornell with artwork by Christopher Jones/ ably assisted colour-wise by HI-FI. A lovely ode to a period past, an era remembered with much love and affection by not just those who lived through its original transmission but a legion of fans for Jon Pertwee and Katy Manning and the much missed original UNIT family. There are other familiar faces in the story and some genuinely unexpected twists and turns. Its cheeky, irreverent and full of life.
              Just like Doctor Who at its very best.