Tuesday, 20 June 2017

2001 A Space Odyssey/After Jack.

(From my sketchbook,) Here is my wee tribute to jack Kirby's adaption of 2001 A Sapace Odyssey which he did way back in 1976 and which I remember as an out sized album edition. The Sentinel found buried under the surface of the Moon, waiting for mankind to evolve to the point where they have the abilities to find it in time for their next nudge forward up the evolutionary ladder. At least that is my interpretation of events in the movie.
            Before I left the house this morning there was an article on the news suggesting that five skeletons found in Africa may indicate Homo-sapiens have been around a lot longer than previously understood. Were they the product of humming stones?
             It is a beautiful film but I do not pretend to understand it all. It seems to make sense to my eye but not my brain. Dug out my old original soundtrack for the movie and got an Arthur C Clarke book expanding on his initial story from Atomic Collectables. I do not know if I want to have the events in the film explained. I quite like the air of mystery. Understanding the cosmic scale of events might well diminish their wonder.
              I am only a partially evolved ape after all.
              Shaking bones at the sky and shouting "Stay Away From My Watering Hole.".
             Whilst constantly attempting to remain thoroughly modern off course.