Tuesday, 7 March 2017

The Men From Mondas.

Now here is a good way to start the day. A striking and exciting image from the next series of Doctor Who. The creepiest Cybermen of them all are set to return.Talk about bio-mechanics. Just look at that human hand at the end of that mechanical arm. Half men and half machine created in an age when kids still messed around enthusiastically with Mechano sets. It has tha classic Brit-retroness about it.
I do hope they incorporate elements of the amazing Big Finish story Spare Parts. In that story The Doctor and Nyssa arrive at a crucial time in the history of the doomed planet Mondas when things could have gone any which way. The writer Marc Platt crafted a scary and very moving meditation on the dangers of scientific hubris when confronted with an extinction level series of events. And Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton really rose to the occasion with material that surpassed many of their on-screen stories.
            I do believe that Peter capaldi is about to reward all the fans who have had faith in him.