Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Something Familiar.

 (From my sketchbook.)Saw this fellow waiting at the bus shelter. There was something so familiar about him but I just could not put my finger on it.It rested in the sleeping part of my memory and then it hit me. The bow-tie. It was the bow-tie. I had left a bow-tie just like it into the charity store just up the road. Along with some old jackets. Maybe it was the very same bow-tie and it had found itself a new owner. More power to his elbow. It really suited him. More so than me.  On him it looked like he was dressed down and relaxing after some adventure up the Amazon, discovering some lost idol in an ancient cultures dangerous and forbidden ruins. When I wore it I looked like an ice-cream parlour salesman from the fifties.It is all in the attitude of the wearer I suppose. Or the lack of it.
             I do not know if bow-ties are cool. I am a terrible judge of such things.
             But I would dare to say that primates in bow-ties are definitely cool.