Thursday, 2 March 2017

A Covenant In Heaven.Why The Engineers Hate Us.

Just saw the new full length trailer for Aliens Covenant. The calm before the bloody Storm. It is an electrifying slow burner that just builds and builds to a terrifying crescendo.i was particularly taken with the scenes where the would be colonists are walking across the face of a world where not even a bird is heard to sing nor an insect buzz, the deathly silence. It is about to get very dark..
               I had been thinking about Shaw's question to the Engineer "Why do You Hate Us?". I thought about some remarks Ridley Scott had made in an interview around the time of Prometheus original release.about The Engineers sending us an emissary and something we may have done to harm that visitor. I thought about that and the time scale revealed in Prometheus. How long The Engineer ship had lain on that alien world since its original mission had been abandoned two thousand years ago and the major event which had played out here on Earth during that same time period. How Ridley Scott hinted at the mistreatment of their emissary and its possible gruesome end on a cross.I think it was just a thought exercise on Ridley Scott's part and was never intended to form part of the mythos they were building. Still..
                                                                (From my sketchbook.)