Thursday, 30 March 2017

Like A Look At Look-In?

Oh Boy, look what I finally tracked down thanks to my chum Connor. I have been looking for this Look-In for such a long time. What with this eye-catching cover painting of the man himself and a lovely article with some nice photos on the inside. What a striking man Tom is, every inch the sartorial bohemian. he just so embodies the anarchic intelligent rebel made of stars.
            There are a few other really interesting bits and pieces inside. Some beautifully drawn comic strips based on some of the popular shows orf that 1980's era. And there is a significant interview and photo shoot with one of the great British bands of that time; The Selector. Along with The Specials they were at the forefront of the ska explosion. Great dance tracks and great political and socially relevant songs in the days when people actually wrote about the times they lived in and the lives they led and not some foggy narrative of how people think their lives ought to be. Such times.
              It must have been something to be sitting in a pub in the West End of London and to unexpectedly hear Tom Baker's tones drift across the bar.( I am guessing that was his watering hole of choice in those days.So many actors only so many pubs!) Jeffrey Bernard may well have been unwell but Tom baker was surely on top of his game.There is an amusing wee item inside that a reader sent in, a LookALike/seperated at birth item contrasting the similarity between Tom's Doctor and Harpo Marx's er.  Harpo Marx.Which is a very real observation.I do not know if Tom had any brothers but just imagine if he had a twin.Or eleven more brothers. Or eleven twin brothers. A Baker's dozen.
                 Boom, Boom!