Sunday, 21 September 2014

O Captain!My Captain!

               Tom Baker has been on this planet for Eighty Years. An infant in Galifreyan Terms.
               From the highest table top and with respect I proclaim his genius.
               The first season of stories he did with the lovely and wonderfully talented Louise Jameson for Big Finish Productions were just fantastic. More than just a slice of nostalgia re-embraced. These were stories that stood on their own, done with the best possible talents attached and easily strong enough to stand as canon. The season he then did with the much missed Mary Tamm and the joyous John Leeson exceeded my expectations on so many levels. I have just finished the last story in another season of The Doctor's and Leela's travels together( Zygon Hunt; thrilling and a great pay off to another great run!) and I already just want to listen to them all again. (What companions they were with ones foot in the air.Which is to say whilst recovering from surgery and not some swarthy personal habit of mine.). Yet just when you think it could not get any better this appears on the thin blue horizon;
For those who remember Philip Hinchcliffe was the captain of the Good Ship Who and steered it through what many consider to be a Golden Age. He seems such a modest fellow that he would acknowledge that Who probably more than any other television show is best served by the adage The King is Dead Long Live The King; thus allowing it to enjoy much more than one Golden Age. That said he did bring so much to the table in terms of a rarely equaled eye to a Gothic and most arch form of storytelling that literally gripped the imaginations of millions. Those long ago Saturday tea times were dark indeed and not just because of a seasonal Saturday wintery frisson. Those stories still echo in the halls of our shared imaginations.
             Now the talents that cemented that period in the annals of fantastic-dom have come together once again. I cannot wait to hear what a feast they will have crafted for our ears.It is timely. With this lot it is always timely.
             Always wanted and always needed.
            The best of times is the here and now.