Sunday, 28 September 2014


I have for some time had a couple of long term retirement plans for my old age. One was to move to a lighthouse and wait for the world blinding meteor shower and the attack of The Triffids. The other was to move to Knotty Ash and seek out a job helping out  in The Jam Buttie Mines with the other Diddymen. For I have always felt spiritually one of Doddy's Diddy Men. I have always certainly looked like one.
           For some time, after The Good Friday Agreement, I have also thought Northern Ireland should adopt Ken Dodd's excellent song Happiness as the new Northern Irish National Anthem. I long for the day The Northern Irish Assembly stands as one and belts it out together. Not actually waving tickling sticks in the air.
That might detract from the credibility of such an august institution.
            The greatest gift that we possess.
            Wise words from a wise man.
            Ken Dodd.
            A master of laughter.
            The world needs you now more than ever.