Saturday, 27 September 2014

A Dark Night In 1981

Oh Boy, was going through some of my ma's old things,found this wrapped up in a copy of her birth certificate, a drawing I did for her of all us running about Etna Drive on a Halloween night all those years ago.
I can see myself and my best pal Fergie and my brothers and sisters knocking around O'Connor's Alley. We loved the dark nights and would come in mucked to the eyeballs. It was a traumatic year for me 1981. I was beaten up fairly regularly (for being "fruity", what can I say, I was, I still am.) but worst of all Tom Baker regenerated into Peter Davison. My Hero fell off a bloody big Radar dish and left a big Doctor shaped dent in a field. He also left a big Tom Baker shaped hole in my life. 
Do Kids run the streets on Halloween Night any more?Trick or Treating, dressing up as scarecrows and tramps basically anything that will allow old clothes to pass for a costume. Modern peer pressure being what it is they probably insist on full Iron man outfits that actually work or avatar outfits in which they may actually download their personalities. Its a different world and expectations are so much higher and dare I suggest it...unrealistic.Or maybe not.Maybe to want and dream about it is enough. Maybe the world just dreams bigger these days and a plastic devil mask will not do the trick or treat anymore.
I am so glad this wee piece of artwork against all the odds survived our house burning down. Or our house being burnt down to tell it as it was.
 Now that really was a dark night.