Thursday, 2 November 2017

The Skin Of The Sleek.

Oh surely not, it cannot be that time yet, just one more story to go in this sixth season of Doctor Who stories set near the end of Tom Baker's reign as the fourth Doctor( even though we all know it never really ended.) This one is set some time around the time of The Doctor and Romannas visit to the Leisure Hive on Argolis following poor old KP,s rather daft trundle down the Brighton Beach into the freezing sea. Who could forget that opening panning shot along the pebbles of Brighton Beach, the melancholy end of season atmosphere until we reach a sleeping Doctor, all burgundy and snores. I was sixteen years of age and I felt change was in the air although I could not imagine a world where I would not have a Tom Baker Doctor Who story to look forward to. he was my hero, after all.
           The Doctor and Romanna have set down on a very alien world, one with a spongy soggy surface where one will sink if one remains in the same spot for too long. There are native inhabitants, not off this world, who go about their business kept aloft and afoot by the use of balloons. It all has a Lost Continent feel about it which means that this particular Tardis team are able to confidently navigate its surface, they are effective adaptors are The Doctor and Romanna. Despite being completely wrongly attired for the location there is a surprise lurking in the damp shadows; another Galifreyan, one I never expected to see.
             Mostly because I never knew they existed.
             The fruit of the genetic looms of Gallifrey bear very different fruits and Big Finish always deliver a bumper harvest with regularity. Last season we even saw the return of Drax, an old school chum of The Doctor's. although I have often wondered what a "drax2 is in much the same way I wondered what a "Rani" is. Its a Gallifreyan thing I suppose.
               It is another story which feels era appropriate. A legacy this company seem to proudly uphold. And very successfully so I might add.