Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Carrionite Curse.

The Doctor finds himself in what by anyone's standards is the very epitome of the quaint Olde Englishe Towne which finds itself beset by a plague of witches. It has a fantastic Hammer Horror quality to it and this incarnation of The Doctor is one which is so well matched to this particular set of fiends. The Carrionites, who appeared in the outstanding historical the Shakespeare Code, have so much potential story wise, as with a clever twist they come bearing all the trappings of a medieval nightmare with grotesque appetites and abilities. There was a fantastic Hammer Horror movie in the sixties called The Witches. about a very troubled teacher played by Joan Fontaine who takes up a position in a charming and apparently safe old English school. Only she discovers that when she scratches beneath the surface there be witches. Its all maypoles and tea with The vicar right up to the moment they start burning witches. This great Big finish story has that quality, not unlike an EF Benson story.Great stuff.
             Double, double toil and trouble,
             Fire burn and cauldron Bubble...