Thursday, 19 January 2017

Killing Time In The Seventies.

The New Issue of Doctor Who monthly is focusing on a very rich vein in the history and lore of Doctor Who history( Are'nt they all?) It comes from a time when storytelling, exploration and running down corridors towards and from dangers and monsters really counted for something. After a long period of exile and internment in one space and time (Southern England in the Seventies.) The Doctor finally regained control(Well, almost control..) of The Tardis and whenever that amazing blue box faded from view you never knew where it was going to end up.
                A friendly visitor passed on some amazing issues of TV Action. A British comic publication from that formative decade. The sort of comic you would have been able to pick up in any corner shop or newsagents. British comics of that period were just among the best of the genre ever published. Great heroes and heroines in great stories where an epic could be told in just three pages or even less. In those days I never saw comics as the poor relation of television or cinema. It was just a powerful medium in its own right and a comic in your hand was a valued artifact that could be reviewed and enjoyed again and again.
                I cherish having grown up through a period when comic books were at the very top of their game rather than lament the passing of a time when great comics were common place. Things change and time always moves on for good or ill. It is what is and we are what we are.
                Even we Mutos.